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Not unlike most sports, there is a certain dress code whilst playing bowls.  However, unlike other sports, there are variations depending on when you are playing.


So here we try and clarify for you:

  • Players, markers and umpires shall wear smooth soled heel-less shoes and comply with the dress code set out below when on the green and during pre and post match social activity.

  • The Club shirt shall be worn at all matches, competitions and Club final days. Ladies may wear royal blue over their top.

  • At weekends, white shall be worn below the waist.

  • Midweek, mixed and men's matches, grey shall be worn below the waist unless otherwise indicated on the Fixture Card.

  • Smart white or grey shorts may be worn with the Club shirt.

  • At Roll Ups, Mixed Drives and Club Nights casual clothing may be worn.

  • The wearing of open-toed footwear is not permitted on the green in all circumstances, including during maintenance work (for health and safety purposes).

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